Feed 'em love – Ultra Premium Dog Food from Milly and Ted

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About Milly and Ted

Milly and Ted’s pawsome complete dry dog food has been created to give your furry friends all the goodness they need for a long and healthy life.

Our business was born of a simple truth: we love our dogs so much, we always want the best for them. That’s the inspiration behind Milly and Ted – quality food to give them a long and happy life.

Milly the Labrador is an older lady now, but fit and full of life. She can still run with the younger dogs – but prefers relaxing walks down local country lanes. Then there’s Ted, the French Coton. Ted is a white fuzzball of doggie energy. He is into everything - mischievous, loud, confident – and a little bit naughty!

We wanted to find the best food for our dogs because we want the fun to last as long as possible, and the key to that is feeding them the right food. Many popular dog foods contain strange ingredients, like ground-up chicken feathers, grains and all kinds of other silly stuff dogs struggle to digest. There is no way we were going to feed this rubbish to Milly and Ted.


So we developed our own brand of healthy, nutritious and tasty food for dogs.

No nasties, fillers or stodge. Just fresh meat, fish, veggies and other good stuff your dog needs to stay active and healthy. And so Milly and Ted, the business, was born. Of course, our two chief canine product testers LOVE their new dry food range – and we are sure your dogs will too.

Start your dog off with our puppy food and then continue a healthy diet with our Grain Free and Naturals Ranges. All our foods are highly digestible in order to aid growth and development.


Don't feed 'em rubbish - feed 'em love!

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