Feed 'em love – Ultra Premium Dog Food from Milly and Ted

Healthy Dogs

Milly and Ted’s quick guide to healthy doggies!

Is your doggie looking its pawsome best?

If your best friend looks in good health and is bright, sharp, with attentive eyes and a moist nose, then the chances are that all is good with your dog.


Irritated skin is not good!

Dogs can be allergic to a range of things such as dust mites, but a common allergen is food. A single source protein, grain free diet (like you would get using the Milly and Ted range) could be the answer!


We all love nice, shiny coats!

If your dog’s coat is dull rather than shiny or full of dry skin, then something is not right. Milly and Ted’s foods contain Omega-3 which is great for healthy coats!


Phew!!! Holding your nose?

When fed on high quality foods like Milly and Ted’s, your dog's stools should be smaller, not too smelly and firm. If this isn’t the case, well...give Milly and Ted a try!


Carrying a few extra pounds?

Chubbiness may be cute in certain dogs, but it can lead to heart disease, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure and lower your dog's life expectancy. A simple check is to feel your dog’s ribs. You should be able to feel the ribs, but not see them. If not, it’s time to eat less and exercise a little more!


Bags of energy?

If your dog is a fur-bag of energy, then sweeteners and colourants might be to blame (as with kids)! Feed ‘em junk food and your pawsome friend won’t enjoy the bouncing best of health. Feed ‘em love, with Milly and Ted’s range of complete, grain free food, and you’re definitely barking up the right tree!