Feed 'em love – Ultra Premium Dog Food from Milly and Ted

Our Food

Developed by leading dog nutritionists.

As good for your dog as it tastes (to them!)

All Milly and Ted’s dry dog foods are made using only the finest raw materials – quality meats, fish and vegetables!

The Milly and Ted range comprises the very best nutrition for all sizes, lifestages and lifestyles of your dog and is made in the UK, in Europe’s most advanced and environmentally sustainable pet food manufacturing facility. We think you can’t find a better value dry dog food – but let your dog be the judge of that!


Doggie health and happiness depends on what you feed them

To stay healthy, active and happy, dogs, like humans, need a balanced diet containing a wide range of nutrients, made easily available in a balanced tasty food.


Milly and Ted’s Grain Free, complete dry dog food

Our Grain Free range is suitable for sensitive digestion, containing a single animal protein. All our flavours have added pre-biotics and are supplemented with Omega-3 and contain no artificial colours, preservatives or flavours. Milly and Ted’s Grain Free range does not contain any added egg, wheat, wheat gluten, soya or dairy.

Our Natural range is more suitable for larger dogs. Its hypoallergenic formula is rich in energy but sensitive on the dogs digestive system. It is our least expensive dog food.

The importance of Protein

As omnivores, the type of protein, its source and digestibility, are very important for dog health. Meat is the primary source of protein for dogs with a balance of amino acids from animals and plants for ideal performance.

Once protein is ingested, it is broken down into the individual amino acids that are used as building blocks for healthy growth and development (including muscle definition and coat condition).


Essential Oils & Fats

Oils and fats are needed in all doggy diets to provide essential fatty acids (including the vital Omega-3) and energy. They are involved in many aspects of dog health including healthy skin and coat condition, brain and eye health and reproductive health.


Carbohydrates for energy

Carbohydrates are a good source of energy in dog food, consisting of easily digestible starches and more complex carbohydrates such as cellulose (fibre). We use sweet potato, encouraging your dog to eat less ‘quantity’ and produce smaller, firmer stools.


Vitamins & Minerals

These are essential for the long term health of your dog. Vitamins are necessary for many of the body’s processes and they can act as antioxidants which help prevent ageing. Minerals are required for healthy bones, skin and overall cell function.